Giffy Ballast now manufactured and sold by
American Tent & Sidewall.  Call 920.431.0938 for more details.

A brand new “Patented” invention. The Giffy Ballast is the answer to a much needed improvement in barrels that are filled with water to anchor framed tents and sustain winds 50 MPH. (Click Here Engineer Summary Report)

The Giffy Ballast’s new design features a vertically molded-in groove which accepts the tent pole, and eyelet (in the center/bottom of the barrel) to which a ratchet strap is attached and the opposite end is attached to the top of the tent pole. A bent steel plate fits into an interlocking groove in the bottom of the barrel. The metal plate has a vertical stud with a hole in it for a snap pin to accept the tent pole (which prevents kiting) and at the opposite end of the plate there is a hole to accept the threaded end of the eyelet with a nut, forming a rigid weighted triangular anchored system.

  • The barrel is 28” tall x 31” diameter  weighing only 30 lbs when empty. The barrel has a capacity for 75 gallons and weighs 660 pounds with components and water.

  • Evacuation of barrel is quick and easy by using the two large drain holes at the bottom of the barrel.

  • Barrel can empty in less than one minute.

  • A double mounting plate is available for added weight. (2 Barrels – 1,320 Lbs)

  • The barrel cover has two molded-in recesses for plants or flowers.

  • The barrel cover snaps on and off to give added strength to the barrel.

  • The barrels are stackable. Fifty barrels will fit into a standard 8’ pick up truck.

  • One person can move 10 barrels at a time by using a large hand truck with air tires.